Sunday, May 1, 2011

Raison D'être

The purpose of this blog is to promote and share thoughts and ideas concerning late seventeenth century miniature wargaming, more specifically for the period covering three great wars: the Franco Dutch War 1672-78 (La Guerre de Hollande), the Wars of the Glorious Revolution 1688-90 and the Nine Years War 1689-98.

Key to this site is the development of Williamite Warfare, an attempt to more accurately reflect the transitional nature of this proto-linear period of warfare based upon an adaptation of the miniature wargaming rules, Warhammer English Civil War. These rules are adapted by me, Unlucky General, and play tested with my colleagues of the Goulburn Wargames Group. It is a strictly not-for-profit exercise, all ideas and original work is freely available to download, share and adapt from this site.

The first draft of Williamtie Warfare is currently under development and will constitute the first posting of the site after this statement of intent.

Williamite Warfare, whilst concentrating on the armies and campaigns fought by William of Orange, his allies and those who fought against them, merely identifies the point of orbit for this period and the theatre of operations upon which this site concentrates. It is not a political site, nor does it align with any particular religious persuasion - themes from which still resonate with many today. If this site and the accompanying rules adaptation had been The Wars of Louis XIV or cover the Empire under Leopold , its scope would have to extend to the East and the Mediterranean campaigns and Turkish styles of warfare, which it does not.

This blog is not a research focused cite. Any historical data generated through it is strictly for the purposes of translating into rules mechanisms for miniature wargaming or to illustrate the miniature armies which evolve. For research and historical focus, readers or followers are directed to such blogs as Anno Domini 1672, British Army Lineages and Wars of Louis Quatorze which I follow, have linked to this site and do not propose to compete with.

For more general wargaming subject matter, I invite you to follow my other blog Unlucky General or Project Lewes, a specific blog dedicated to the battle of Lewes in 1264.

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  1. I shall be following with great interest. The Williamite period was, for a long time, my main wargaming period. It's a wonderful period, with some cracking campaigns, both in Flanders and elsewhere in Europe.