Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pending Posting

Sensitive to the fact that I have been deathly quiet on the blogging front I thought I'd advise that a pending detailed Order of Battle (Orbat) is forth coming for the battle of Seneffe (1674). I'm beginning with the Dutch (United Provinces) principally due to the fact that this will be my first army of the period. As soon as this is fully developed I will commence some significant purchases and endeavour to complete at least my first battalion to demonstrate how the units will appear under this system and my preferred troop scale. Following will be the French, then back to allies with the Imperial forces and Spanish.
The nature of the Order of Battle will be in some detail. I'll go as deep as I can, identifying Kolonel Commandants, regimental numbers and a limited time line with former and subsequent unit and Kolonel Proprietor names which should enable easier identification for those afficianadoes who might cross reference important details like uniform and standards/colours. Certainly that's what I will be doing and will be relying on Sapherson as my earliest point of reference on uniforms.

I've chosen Seneffe due to the breadth of options for units fielded by all sides and having been fought in 1674 puts it nicely within my first period (Early Dutch War) for which I have already generated Dutch and French lists.

I'm drawing on several resources and cross checking them for consistency and will cite them accordingly - not expecting or wanting anyone to take my research at face value. As far as research goes, it is more a collation of the work of others for whome I will credit and link when possible to other sites. As always, I encourage anyone to comment and criticise so I can polish the lists if necessary.


  1. Any chance you found information on the French OOB for 1674 Seneffe? Would really appreciate the assistance!

  2. Yes I have - it's not mine and it's unattributed. I haven't worked on it at all but was going to use it myself for my own research. I can e-mail it to you if you flick me an address.