Saturday, July 13, 2013


I've been thinking about this for quite some time and wanted to run the idea across you, the Williamite Warfare followers.

Those wargamers in this period who are interested in the Nine Years War are comparatively well catered for in terms of uniform guides and researched publications. Anyone wishing to wargame the battle of the Boyne for instance is particularly well provided for, compared to my preferred campaigns of the Franco-Dutch Wars from 1672. One particularly good work is C.A. Sapherson's Dutch Army of William III which brings me to my question and suggestion. 

Is anyone interested in jointly funding a research prize for uniforms and armies of the Dutch Wars from 1672? Has anyone had experience with funding research in the past? It seems to me that there is the strangest gap between figure ranges being released for this period and no corresponding guides either in development or being released. Osprey Publishing, that mainstay of uniform references is noticeably mute in this period.

Living as I do in the southern hemisphere and otherwise committed to my career and family, I am unable to take the year off and take up residence in Europe to do this myself. My serious lack of French or Dutch also has me at a distinct disadvantage.

I am personally prepared to contribute GBP1,000.00 toward any sponsorship for the archives of the Netherlands to be 'mined' and an equivalent work to Sapherson's to be developed. My hope is that with enough contributors, a project could be undertaken to produce an exhaustive reference from the as yet publicly available records in France and the Netherlands.

Does anyone have any ideas about how we might take such an initiative forward?


  1. Hi, I have a bunch of coloured pics for Dutch regiments of the 1672-78 war if you're interested.

    Best Regards


  2. Yes thanks Peter - I am really very interested and thank you. If you have them electronically (scanned or otherwise) my e-mail address is