Saturday, May 14, 2016

Photoshop Phun

With a little mucking about you can see the idea coming together. I'm extremely happy with the colour matching: no filters were used in this mock-up. I think I got the palate right for my parchment scheme. Into the future, with multiple units on matching terrain, scenic effects and buildings I am confident my Williamite Warfare creation will have that of-the-page look.


  1. Fantastic work. Keen to see more. I do love the battalion make up with the deep matchlock 'sleeves'. Will you be using your own rules?

  2. Thanks very much Duc. Yes I will be using my rules - well overdue for a play test.

  3. Absolutely fantastic, such a great concept - and well executed

    1. Much appreciated Kieran. What is it they say about the mother of invention?