Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Making Seneffe: Part the Second

Well under way now, my 3D war-artists impression of Seneffe will feature on three bases of grouped buildings, the largest and most central being a rendition of the church depicted in the previous post. I created a set of basic templates from very thick card and have set off building three identical well-to-do rural houses. A fourth slightly lesser double story house is also under way. One each of these first types will be on each base with an assortment of lesser dwellings surrounding them.
The figure set in shot is not quite flush with the model building but you get the idea. The front door is in fact 25mm tall and 12mm wide and all window apertures are 12mm square. The height measurements are not far off minimums to scale but the widths and depth of the structures are deliberately compressed. I'm hoping they will convey a three dimensional image of a greater home whilst occupying a much smaller footprint.
Construction materials are simply PVA white glue, 5mm foam core board and cardboard. I have opted for balsa doors but at this point think I will leave the windows unframed or adorned. I intend to spray the insides with the darker shade coat of my two-tone paint scheme. I suspect some plain papering will be required to cover the exposed foam for consistency of finish. I'm near to completing the basic construction of four of the ten buildings for this project. You have no doubt noticed I'm opting for typical Dutch architectural facades.

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