Friday, February 1, 2019

Making Seneffe: Part the Third

I was able to chip away across my summer break back home and finished the basic construction of all of the houses I intend to model for my representation of Senneffe. I constructed five basic building types. The first image highlights a one-off structure and the following two reference sketches show the uneven roof line I was aiming for.

Immediately above are two of the smallest town cottages of which I made two long and two short versions. Note the stepped pitch of the roof-line.
The above image was one reference serving to guide the construction of my three grand houses and a slightly lesser but substantial residence as follows.

All references were period Dutch (United Provinces) town and rural sketches/paintings. The last two buildings are from a slightly older Brugel work.
There's a bit of finishing yet to be done prior to their paint job but that's going to have to wait till I get back to Canberra and back to this project.
I made a good start on the church but again, I'm afraid it will be quite some time until I derive the finished product. In the meantime the last shot will give you an idea what it will look like. It's not laid out in any particular pattern.