Thursday, June 9, 2011

First List

As earlier postings indicate, I had intended to get the core rules adaptation out first, followed by the lists. As it transpires, I wanted to get something up and running first. I have also found that in drafting my national army lists, it causes an editing sense check as part of the drafting process. So it's to be Army Lists first, rules second.

The first as you can see is the United Provinces for the early Franco-Dutch war. This will give an indication of what lies behind the thinking and a taste of the core rules. Apologies if this frustrates anyone. The next List to follow shortly will be the French for the same period. By the time that's finished, I'll be satisfied enough with the core rules to post the first draft.

Regretably this means some of the core mechanisms such as fire systems will not be readily understood for a while.

I'll emphasis here that all of this is up for discussion. Whilst I've researched this quite extensively, I'm not foolish enough to think that fellow wargamers with access to archives more extensive than I cannot contribute to our collective knowledge and force a re-draft. I am calling the first list V.1 (version one) and it's just that - the first workable draft (hopefully).

On that note, none of this has been play tested and is not likely to be by my group for some time. This site and the product associated with it is very much a moveable feast - a work in progress. If anyone wishes to do so when I have the first two lists and core adaptation available, I'd love to hear from you.

I've used old images freely available on the Internet to give the layout a little colour. I hope it reads well enough and inspires further interest. Stay tuned for the next list by the end of the month.

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