Sunday, June 12, 2011

Improved Lists: The Specials

As predicted, having moved onto my second army list (The Early Franco-Dutch Wars French) I had cause to revisit the United Provinces list with a new and improved Version 2 (V2) being posted. Thanks to the suggestion of fellow Goulburn Wargames Group aficionado, Matt Williamson, the lists now include a series of Special Assets or non-staff Characters in the WAB style.

Having suggested a Preacher to fire up the rank and file, I have created the Firebrand - ministers of varying faiths, imbedded in the line to stiffen the resolve of the true believers - whomever they be. This got me creating a cast of Characters which now also include the Assassin and his nemesis, the Captain of the Guard. Also, I have created two new types which, whilst purchased are actually gifted (rather inflicted) onto your enemy. They are the 'Empty Wig' for want of a better description being a next to useless Brigadier, and the 'Courtesan' who hangs off the arm of your Commanding General with unfortunate consequences.

Hopefully these 'Specials' will introduce a bit of the period flavour and some fun into Williamite Warfare. It should also prove a catalyst for procuring some more curious figures.

Important Note: For those interested, you need to click on the header link with these Pdf attachments to open up the whole document.

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